Wednesday, May 13, 2009

we had such a good day. we slept in, decided to go eat breakfast but Dans was done serving at 11 so we had to go to sonic..ugh, then we went to get the rest of my materials to make some presents, then went to church at 5. the sermon was awesome..check it out at, then we went to dinner with tac's brother and his family!! i thought the only card i got was from hunter but when i came upstairs that night to go to bed tac had put his card on the stairs. it was the first time he trully surprised me. i usually can guess when he is up to something, but not this time. he did such a great job for my first Mothers Day! i got flowers deliverd twice and chocolate covered strawberries on the final day. U need to check that out too...those strawberries were absolutely the best ive ever :)

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Robert said...

thank you tac. she is a great mom.