Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We started adding a tiny bit of rice cereal to his bottle at night. It seems to help him stay asleep longer and has helped him start gaining weight. MY poor baby is so little but my thought is that maybe God knew i couldnt handle a heavy baby. I can barely pick up Hunter as it is. I definitely have to build up my stomach and back muscles. I feel bad bc i have had some really bad back days and poor Hunter has to lay in his bed til i can manage to get him out :( His 4month check up is coming soon and i have so many questions to ask. I just hope they dont say something about how small he is. I dont think i can bare to hear another person say something. iIcant help it, i feed him all the time and he doesnt gain very fast. He is such a good baby though...he sleeps all the time and doesnt really ever cry except for when i first game him cereal. it upset his tummy for a week and he cried nonstop. All is well again and he is such a happy baby. He loves to smile and laugh when i talk to him. His favorite show is American Idol :) All those lights and colors really get his attention. He also loves to watch tv while he is eating....kinda like his dad!

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