Tuesday, April 7, 2009

this is us hanging out this past weekend...yes i was darker at the end of the weekend. i luv to tan, its my favorite thing to to! we had a great weekend hanging out around the house, finally doing some yard work. we also went to the batting cages, and made a putt putt golf course in our house.....the things u do when u have no money! i had alot of fun play golf. of course i lost the first time so we had to play again, but i lost the second time too :( my favorite hole was the one where we had to hit the ball down the stairs and into the kitchen. tac managed to get it in to shots. he hit the pillows at the bottom of the stairs and then the trash can...my husband has skillz:) i wish i had a picture of that too. im sure we will play again and ill post some pics of it.

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Angie said...

sounds like lots of fun! i am so glad you finally updated your blog. i was starting to give up on you. i want to see pics of this little guy since we dont get to see him that often!