Thursday, December 18, 2008

These are just a couple of the pics we had taken. The others are still being edited, so when i get them back ill post more. Here i am 8 months!! I feel like the past month has flown by, maybe bc it has. We have had so much goin on that i never did take pics of my 7th month...sorry! As of today i have 7 wks left and i cant wait. I dont feel like i can get any bigger, but everyone tells me that I WILL :( Im not so sure that ill make it to the very end which is Feb 4th but we will see. I havent been feelin too good, and of course my back has started to really bother me. Hopefully i can make it to the end without drivin Tac completely crazy askin him to rub my back everyday. Well, i hope u enjoy the pictures and ill promise to put more up when i get them.

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